Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Annoucing Communities!

Dear Jetters!

Have you wanted to jet about a specific topic to a certain group of people? Your hankering has now been satisfied by the MobJet development team with Communities. Create a community around a topic, event, group... and then start a conversation! Add your photos, videos, audio, or documents just like you would with any other jet.

You may also notice a few other cool features - when you hover over an avatar you'll see a quick bio, follow/stop following, and private message options. Rejetting has been moved to the function gear and a translation bug has been addressed.

Jump into communities and start a buzz today!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Place for Conversation

MOBJet has recently taken a turn for the better and become A Place for Conversation! If you haven't had the chance yet, take a minute and explore all the fun and most recent features such as:

* Footprints
* Widgets
* Tips (Cool JETTING)
* New Faces
* Chatmates
* Background
* Profile Data
* Direct jets
* JETstream counter
(Deep breath!)
* Private comments
* Color wheel in post/comment boxes
* Jet tab
* Updates in MOBIKura and gadgets
* and much more!

So many fun things to do and talk about on MOBJet! Invite your friends and start a conversation!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Drum roll, please!

If you haven't noticed yet, MOBJet has a whole new look with great new features... and WOW has this most recent release been a fun one!

The latest features include...
* Color picker: Customize your MOBJet colors! Other users see your colors when visiting your jetstream and your colors are effective in your email updates
* Real-time refresh in comments and in the jetstream
* Attach media in comments
* Mobikura
* Discussions (jets you're involved in)
* Emoticon picker

So much to see and do on the new version of MOBJet... what new things have you discovered?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Post from the Web

A big round of applause to our development team... you can now post directly from the web! Whether on-the-go from your web-enabled device or while you are "working," post at your leisure!


Friday, January 22, 2010

New: Sign Up and Rejet!

The MJ developers have brought us a few more great features today.

You'll notice that now you have the option to sign up from the homepage -- we're hoping this will make the account creation process even easier. Tell your non-jetter friends!

Check out the Rejet feature: when logged in, mouse over any jet and you'll see the Action button appear. Press it, then click "Rejet." I'd say that it was "Easy as pie," but I never found pie to be this easy...

In the Settings > Account area, you'll notice that our developers have added the option to capture your user image right from your built-in cam. Press the Take Photo button and capture this moment forever for all Jetters to see! ;)

Watch for more to come! Email support if you have any issues!