Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new version

The latest features added to the site include:
  • Create a profile -- go to Settings > Account to add/update your name, age, gender, location, one line bio, etc.
  • Private jet stream -- instead of your jets showing in the global jet stream (on the homepage), tick the Make Jet Stream Private box in Settings > Account. Only your followers will be able to view your jets!
  • Invitation feature -- fill in your friends' email addresses in Settings > Invite and press Send to invite friends to follow you.
  • Follow/Stop Following right from the jet stream (hover over the jet or picture to see the link under the profile pic).
  • We've also made some improvements to media viewing and cell phone navigation.
More to come!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Exciting New Features

We know you've been anxiously awaiting a few new features, and today our team pushed some of these live. Among the fixes and features is the capability to post to one jetstream no matter from which email address you're sending. To access this feature, click the Email Posting tab within your Settings. Set your email code and send all your jets to that address. Hooray!

You can also link to a YouTube video within a comment and it will expand (like it would if it were a jet), comments show upon jet expansion, link directly to a jet change... and for those of you with email signatures please add "=/=" in your post, and anything below will not appear! Voila!


The MobJet team has added emoticon capabilities... see below for the codes!