Monday, October 19, 2009

MobJet Gets Noticed in Singapore

Celebrity blogger Xiaxue has MobJet on her radar.

She's stoked about the flexibility MobJet offers, especially the ability to post anything to your jetstream. "I'm really impressed. When they say anything, they REALLY mean anything!" She raves about the mobile phone capabilities, conversions, and even refers to our developers as geeks. It's true -- they are the biggest and coolest geeks we've ever met. They're our geeks… We gladly claim them. Thank you, MobJet Geeks, for making our technological lives a breeze and all our dreams come true :)

Xiaxue likes MobJet so much that she'll be a special guest at our MobJet Launch Party on Oct. 22nd in Singapore. See the invitation for details on how to get a free ticket to this exciting event!

View Xiaxue's jetstream at or follow her by emailing And don't forget to check out her full take on MobJet here!

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