Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Release Day

It's release day here at MobJet, so here comes the first blog post. With the new video recording capability on the iPhone, and with the recent events in Iran being shaped by the Internet and social media, we're feeling pretty good about the timing of the release of MobJet. We believe that multimedia microblogging will give people an additional voice to visually show the world the news and events happening around them. The world is changing rapidly and MobJet plans to be a part of the instant news movement. At MobJet, we want to make it as simple as possible to post your media to the web and allow people to follow you. Although it may seem primitive to some, posting via email is one of the simplest ways for people on any device to get their content to the web. When you take a video or picture on the iPhone, you have the option to immediately email the image/video you just captured. With MobJet, all you have to do is send it to post@mobjet.com, and we do the rest. We identify you from your email address and post it to your very own multimedia microblog or "jetstream" as we like to call it.

One of the guiding principles at MobJet is to allow anyone in the world to capture and consume media directly from any web-enabled device. As you may have noticed, our tagline is "When 140 characters just isn't enough." An obvious shot across the bow of Twitter, we also hope to "play nice" and consume Twitter's API to allow people to immediately notify their Twitter feed of new media posts they have on MobJet. You'll have pictures, video, audio, and documents instantly posted to your Twitter feed.

That's the quick scoop. Tonight at midnight, send an email to post@mobjet.com to create your account and your jetstream, it's that simple. Tonight is a "soft launch," not too many know about us yet, but look for us to quickly be in over 20 languages and hitting the world scene.

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